SNAP of Michigan is a 501c3 that is completely volunteer based. There is no income for what is done. Grants, donations, and community support is how we are able to do what we do.

One important role in our rescue is the need for fosters.  We are constantly bombarded with please of cats and dogs needing rescue. Shelters in the area are know for being Kill Shelters due to the high influx of animals entering the shelter and few being claimed.

It is very hard for animals to decompress at shelters. Sometimes they become defensive or may even seem aggressive. 

By fostering, we can help give the timid and cautious a chance to blossom into their best selves. It also opens up space for the shelter to help another coming in. Sadly there will always be another coming into the shelter. But we can still do our part.

“I don’t know how you you do it!”

If not us, then who would be there for them in their time of need? It takes a community to make a difference and we strive for a better tomorrow. Yes, some days are rougher than others.  But it is on those days we must look at what we’ve acomplished and how far we’ve come.

“I’d want to keep them all!”

Fostering is best described to having children. You love them to pieces, but they have to go off to college at some time.

We love our fosters dearly, and cherish them as our own, but they need to go to their forever home, to change someone else’s life for the better. The joy and love they give to you can be given to someone who needs them in their life. 

When they find their forever family, that moment, it is indescribable. There is a sense of joy and accomplishment.