Help reduce the cat and dog overpopulation by providing spay/neuter surgical cost assistance for Michigan residents who rely on state/federal assistance. Developing partnerships with private practice veterinarians and low-cost clinics, collaborating with other animal welfare groups. Promoting public awareness through education. To rescue, rehabilitate and re-home a limited number of dogs and cats that are fostered in private homes while providing spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations, and micro chipping prior to adoption.

We established Spay Neuter Assistance Program of Michigan or SNAP in February 2014.  After many years working hard with rescue groups by fostering dogs and cats, we decided to tackle the problem from the other end.  There is not enough room in shelters, rescues or animal control.  Spay/neuter is key to putting a stop to the dog and cat overpopulation, and key to stopping the euthanasia of unwanted animals.  SNAP wants to help keep the pet in the home, if the animal is constantly reproducing it will cause more stress than comfort and is likely to be removed from the home as that is the “easy way out.”


Spay Neuter Assistance

In order to help reduce the cat and dog overpopulation we are providing surgical cost assistance to Michigan residents who rely on state or federal aid to spay/neuter their dog or cat.  We are working in 10 select counties at this time, developing partnerships with private practice veterinarians and low-cost clinics, collaborating with other animal welfare groups as well as promoting public awareness through education. 

Adoptable Pets

Our other passion is placing wonderful, deserving dogs and cats into good homes.  We work hard to rehabilitate, vet and place these wonderful animals. 

We foster them in a home environment with our families, provide spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, microchip, and of course testing for heartworm or Fel Leuk/FIV to make sure everyone is healthy prior to adoption.

The dogs or cats come from various locations.  Local animal control will call when they are at full capacity to avoid euthanizing or maybe one was found but the owner had not come forward or the “my dog or cat had a litter and I don’t know what to do.”  With the last example we take in the litter then help the owner spay or neuter the adult pets in the home so it doesn’t happen again.  

Support from Volunteers

We are a small group and we work very hard for the animals.  We have 6 board members/volunteers plus another 5 volunteers who foster and assist at fundraisers and adoption events.  On average we will foster 25 dogs and 200 cats.  

This is the most rewarding thing I have ever done as well as some heartbreak, without the heartbreak I would never feel the reward of pure joy.  – Becky Garwood President SNAP



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